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Facebook has developed the most sophisticated social media advertising platform that allows businesses to target their exact audience based on age, gender, relationship status, “liked” pages, general interests, and much more. These targeting features ensure your content is displayed to a highly targeted audience, and is an essential strategy that we often pair with our Influencer Marketing programs to ensure maximum reach.

We Build Facebook Campaigns That Deliver Results

xGrowth's Facebook Ads Management AI powered software and our expert social media team can create purchase intent leveraging social media as it plays a critical role in today’s consumer purchasing decisions. If you’re not on Facebook your competitors definitely are, and you are losing potential customers daily. Facebook allows your business to connect to its specific target market. Take advantage of the millions of South African users on Facebook and its effective Ad campaigns to grow your sales and online presence. Our experts can effectively measure how your online ad efforts lead to offline impact.

Facebook is the largest social network by far, with 2 billion daily active users. It is also the cheapest way to increase your exposure to potential customers in South Africa, making it perfect for Small Businesses. Our team of Facebook Advertising experts make sure your adverts are shown in front of the right audience at the right time which helps to increase conversions and generate sales.


We’re a performance-based, full service agency that does more than just sales and branding: we speak fluent internet. That means we create images that stop the scrolling, words that get people thinking (hi), and marketing strategies that ensure our other talents don’t get lost in the digital abyss. Everyone from Fortune 500 companies to dog toy companies, education providers and dynamic little start-ups work with us to get results. So, when it comes to performance-based creative, we’ll take you where you need to go. Meaning you can get back the more important stuff (like inventing the world’s chewiest dog toy).

We handle everything from data to creative, growth to consulting. It’s our ability to handle different pieces of the equation that sets us apart. • Full-Service Facebook & Instagram Ads • Retargeting • Dedicated Account Manager & Lead Strategist • Creative Studio (Ad Video Design & Custom Photoshoots, Copywriting, Graphic Design & Illustration, Video Editing, Video Production, User Generated Content, Product/Lifestyle Photography) • Custom Audiences and Dynamic Product Ads • 1 on 1 Strategy Consultations • Real Time Analytics

Are you still reading? Great.

In order to create an effective message, you need to dig deep and truly discover what motivates a particular audience group. Are they looking to be entertained? Or perhaps they are looking to be educated and informed? You also need to consider the tone of the message. Once you’ve identified your audience and created the perfect message, it’s important that the users you are targeting are driven towards conversion friendly landing pages. After all, the best marketing in the world simply won’t overcome a poor landing page environment and/or web experience.

The landing page for your Facebook or Instagram Ads campaign should have consistent messaging and imagery, and it should provide a logical next step. That could include filling out a form, placing a phone call, downloading a piece of content, registering for an event, or joining the social media community.

Facebook Leads Not Likes

Forget vanity metrics. You know the type: Likes. Comments. Shares. Sure, that stuff is nice for the ego, but does it pay the bills? If you’re spending a R10 000 on Facebook advertising you want to see R40 000, R50 000 or R60 000+ coming back, and likes simply won’t cut it.

xGrowth Facebook Ads Management campaigns hone in on your ideal customers, target them with the right offer & ad creative then push them into your high converting sales funnel. That’s our proven Facebook ads profit formula. Find out how it can be applied to your business with a free proposal now.

Facebook ads company xGrowth

Powerful, Proven Facebook Ads

To be blunt: most Facebook ad campaigns are not profitable. Whether it’s a lack of know-how, low-quality outsourcing or focusing on the wrong metrics, many businesses burn through the cash trying to compete with Facebook ads.

Today, the smart money on Facebook is invested in conversion optimised campaigns. Simply put, you need to be using proven psychological design and copywriting tactics to convert as many of those paid Facebook visitors into enquiries and sales as possible. Most Facebook ad campaigns don’t get it right. Top South African Facebook Ad agencies like xGrowth ensure conversion is at the heart of everything we do.


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