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what we do

What we do

We identify your customers and lead them to a desired outcome.


How much growth do you want

X Growth has unlocked  the relationship between your data, 3rd party data and your marketing. We combine predictive data analytics, behavioral sciences, and innovative ad tech into one winning approach. Engage and captivate your customers attention more effectively with X Growth and Oxford Analytica.


We measurably improve your brand’s marketing effectiveness by influencing consumer behavior through a unique approach that blends predictive analytics, behavioral sciences, and data-driven ad tech.

Our data-driven insights give you the tools needed to cut through a crowded advertising landscape and speak directly to individual customers. We produce advertising that effectively influences behavior change.

Visuals, copy, and positioning are optimized to work specifically with each unique behavioral profile. Our digital and TV teams then execute highly targeted campaigns that connect with consumers exactly where they are – in front of the television and online.

Engineered Targeting

Reaching the precise audience, is crucial to getting your customers attention. We focus on a divide and conqueror strategy and use advanced hyper targeting to achieve desired outcomes.

Attention Engineering

Content serves a dual purpose of capturing attention, and delivery a desired communication. Its not a one size fits all approach. n

Data & computing power

Data & AI processing power to help better optimize your campaign. We utilize all resources to help deliver the right content to the sub group that it was uniquely created for.

Data Stax

This is our unique approach of layering vast amounts of data, to help optimization of all strategies.

IN sights

Data and insights, will help find and seek, not only new customers and revenue streams, but help grow and mortise existing base. The data you hold is key to your growth.


We are platform agnostic, we use what works for you. It could be online mobile, digital, radio, or even print.

Industries We Service

Retail, B 2 C

Retail, B 2 C & B 2 B




Telco & Call Centre



E - Commerce

E - Commerce


Insurance & Finance


Market Research

This is crucial for our hyper targeting approach, as all future communications, are tailored and engineered carefully for that unique audience segment.

Competitor Analysis

 This analysis provides strategic insights, not only from an offensive and defensive strategic, but context to identify new market segments, opportunities and potential threats.

Audience Segmentation

In this part of the process, we begin dividing people into homogeneous subgroups based upon defined criterion such as product usage, demographics, communication behaviors and media use.

Content Engeneering

Distribution Strategy

Evaluate Results & Optimize

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